2010 Tournament Story-Results

Willie Mills wins Howl at the Moon

There were 35 releases recorded at the sixth annual Howl at the Moon Tarpon Tournament, with Capt. Willie Mills and his team aboard Tracy Lynn conquering the nine other teams that participated with seven releases.

Capt. Charlie Coleman and his team, including Bruce Aikens, Dale Baker and Scott Adams, on Casuarina took second place for their six releases, and they also took third place for the last fish of the night released at 12:49 a.m., 11 minutes before the tournament ended.

Capt. Sandy Melvin, the coordinator of the tournament, said he was satisfied that it was a good night of fishing that tested the captains’ abilities.

“The bite was steady all night,” he said. “Waylon (Mills) jumped right off into the lead which got everyone’s attention because he’s been so hot lately. Willie stayed in contention early, then Wayne (Joiner) and I made a little bit of a run to keep up with them.”

Melvin explained why the five-hour format is important, and why this particular tournament was a good example of how it should work.

“The results of this tournament are classic reasons why we stay with a five-hour format,” he said. “We have had requests to shorten it to three hours and we haven’t done that because I feel like the Howl tournaments showcase the best fishermen in the Pass. It’s designed to showcase the guy that is fishing the best that night. That night it was Willie and his team.”

Willie said the night didn’t start out as well as it could have, but he’d been on fire for several days and still held out hope.

“At 8:01 Waylon (Willie’s brother) got a fish on,” he said. “Then I got tangled up with a turtle, so it wasn’t a great start. After a bit I got in a good groove and was hooking everything.”

With just a few minutes left in the tournament Charlie hooked up with the last fish of the night, but he almost didn’t get that either.

“We got one after he did, with about nine minutes left,” Willie said. “We called the fish in and that would have been it, but it got off.”

Willie’s team included Brett Hendricks and the father-and-son combination of Mike and Nico Pecoraro.

Other results include: Hey, Moma! with Capt. Wayne Joiner, five releases; Boca Blue, Capt. Sandy Melvin, five releases; Blaze, Capt. Waylon Mills, three releases; Faithful II, Capt. Matt Coleman, three releases; Phil-Jack, Capt. Mark Liberman, three releases; Searene, Capt. Lamar Joiner Jr., two releases; Spellbound, Capt. Jackie Bylaska, one release.

Story compliments of the BocaBeacon.com

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