When you travel to a sportfishing destination, the last thing you need to worry about is your guide. At Gasparilla Outfitters we like to travel and fish other places too and completely understand your needs.
The guides we work with are independent contractors and simply among the best, most experienced and dependable fishermen in the area. They are all true professionals. If you see one on the list below that you know or would like to fish with, please request his service when you call and we will make every effort to “hook” you up.
We work closely with the local guide community to best serve the interest of our clients. Some have large offshore boats, some have small skiffs. Some specialize in fly fishing, while others prefer to use live bait or artificial baits. Whatever your preference, from a relaxing day entertaining the kids, to stalking a line class world record, all you need to do is communicate what type of trip you would like to do and we will do our best to match you with an experienced local guide that will best suit your needs.



Capt. Sandy Melvin Owner/Guide

Melina Chaplin, Shop Manager/Bookings

Travel Directions

Affiliated Guides

Capt. Butch Barnhill
Capt. Mark Becton
Capt. Jesse Bye
Capt. Dave Chatam
Capt. Roger Crafton
Capt. Frank Davis
Capt. Roger Gibson
Capt. Robbie Hayes
Capt. Shannon Hoeckel
Capt. Wayne Joiner
Capt. Mark Lieberman
Capt. Tommy Locke
Capt. Patrick Mason
Capt. Waylon Mills
Capt. Willie Mills
Capt. Lew Morgan
Capt. Eddie Potter
Capt. Mike Reark
Capt. Tater Spinks
Capt. Timmy Smith
Capt. Doug Stewart

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