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Sunday December 23rd, 2007….Double Header Catfish!

Parts of the Kelly Family hit the water on a beautiful day during Christmas vactation to fish in the Boca Grande Backcountry. The waters were calm and clear and the action was steady for all. Unfortunately we don’t have video for all the teams, so the story is told from the perspective of my team,  Faith Kelly and her cousin Temi Kelly.

Capt. Sandy Melvin: Faith Kelly/Temi Kelly
Capt. Mark Becton: Mike Kelly/Alexander
Capt. Doug Stewart: Pat Kelly/Brian Kelly/Theo

Here is an explanation of the Tournament rules by the girls…
Here is some “A” team action with a Trout. There were also some interesting moments with catfish and ladyfish on the boat too!

The highlight of the day was this epic battle with a bonnethead shark, which took a total team effort to land and to show to the world.

The girls wrap up the day here…

All in all everyone had a great day. Capt. Mark’s team caught the most, catching a total of 45 speckled trout. Capt. Doug’s team landed the most variety, six different species of fish, while Capt. Sandy’s team caught the biggest of the day, the 37 inch bonnethead shark.

Merry Christmas to All!

-Capt. Sandy Melvin

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