Interesting Video Links

Faith Kelly and her cousin Temi Kelly in action during the Kelly Family Tournament!

Below you will find links to some of the more interesting YouTube videos we’ve found while surfing the internet relating to Boca Grande. Many have to do with Sharks, which are a part of the natural food chain in Soutwest Florida waters.
We encourage anglers fishing Boca Grande Pass to use heavy tackle, especially during times when the shark population is high, to land and release their catch as soon as possible so that they have the energy remaining to escape harms way.

*If you happen to see any other videos around the ‘net that might interest everyone, please add them to the comments below.
1. Boca Grande Pass is home to big tarpon, and unfortunately for them, even bigger Hammerhead Sharks. These guys tried to give the tarpon a chance to escape, but the Hammerhead won this time…it’s a dog eat dog world out there, check that, make it “fish eat fish”.
2. While the Hammerhead sharks are the biggest bully on the block, the Bull Sharks often show up in packs and can be downright mean.
3. This young kid and the guide do a nice job landing a big Tarpon with a spinning rod in the harbor on a beautiful day.
4. The Boca Beacon has a look back at Hurricane Charley and the impact on the island.
5. One of the guides we work with, Capt. Chase Wise, put together this look back at his 2007 Tarpon season.
6. The local Ft. Myers news took a look at Boca Grande on a day trip to the island.



8. These guys had a big day catching schooling Redfish in the Boca Grande Backcountry.


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