Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande…The Morning Trip.

During season, a typical traditional morning charter often begins early, usually around 4am thru 7am, to catch the sunrise bite. Like just about everything in the wild, Tarpon feed heavily in the morning low light hours and this is a very consistant time for a successful trip. It’s a short 15 minute ride to Boca Grande Pass from the Public Guide Docks, (Pink Docks) and usually uncrowded at that time of day. A crisp, cool sunrise over the Harbor is a beautiful sight, and it is not uncommon to catch and release 4 to 6 Tarpon in this time frame, with many over 100lbs. After your successful trip, a hearty breakfast at “Loons on a Limb”  in downtown or at the Gasparilla Inn will complete a morning to remember.

The rest of the day can be spent lounging on the beach, maybe a trip to the spa, some shopping in the village, or a round of golf after a short nap.

The picture of how Boca Grande became the “Tarpon capital of the world” should be coming into focus in your mind about now…. 

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