Chris McClellan

It’s Allen and Chris on a beautiful Boca Grande day…1 fish,… 2 fish,….. Redfish,….. Whoohoo! fish.

Kammie, Conner and Jim go Speckled Trout and Redfishin’. Conner is “the man”… again!

Brian with a 6lb Trout!

Brian with the biggest Redfish of the day! Katie and Jeff can catch them too!

Little Bill and Rick!

Little Bill with a good Trout!

Margaret Collum with a nice Redfish! And Buddy with a good one too!

Sam Schrader can catch ’em!

Dan Whipp

Meet Joe Red!

Bob Gale lands a nice 5lb Redfish!

Dan Whipp has a good time catching Redfish, after redfish, after redfish while uncle “no-show” Walter is somewhere back at the dock.

Shawn with the smallest Redfish of the day! And John puts the hurt on a Kitty!

Linda Buck with her Redfish!

10 year old Buckley Carlson shows of a nice fly casting stroke catching Ladyfish and Speckled Trout on a Clouser Minnow along with dad Tucker, who gets it done too!

Tom Crogan catches this nice Redfish on the morning trip that was challenging in the fog, while during the afternoon trip, Lee Abbitt gets on the board here with a Redfish, and then puts the spurs to a big one too! Not to be outdone, dad Jim proves he can catch one!

Casting small Jigs…Virginia catches a nice Sail Cat, while Jeff works on a Speckled Trout.


Kelly Family Fishing Tournament Page Here!



The father and son team of Roger and Todd Hill spent an afternoon just before Christmas with friend Sam Schrader working on the Redfish. Here’s another one of Todd’s catches.

Here’s Jeff Koziol in action in the backcountry and another of Jeff’s Redfish.

Here’s Lisa Dominique landing a Redfish while fishing with her friend Kimberly Whipple.

Missy Liu went fishing with her dad Jim and catches a big redfish, and another one too!

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