Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Season


   Boca Grande Tarpon season begins in late April to early May and continues into September or even October, if the weather conditions co-operate.
   Generally speaking, a mild winter will bring the Tarpon into Boca Grande Pass early, while a cold, late winter will bring them in a little later. When they do arrive, be assured it’s not just one or two, it’s by the thousands.
   While every year can be different, traditionally the full moon of June is considered the peak of the season.
   Just how long the Tarpon stick around in the late season is often affected by tropical weather. During years of heavy rains and low pressure systems, the big schools of tarpon will likely leave the Pass early(mid July?) and scatter throughout the area. While the big schools of the Pass may be gone with the rainy weather, there will be many still roaming around the Harbor until the water temperatures drop into the low seventies, which can be well into fall. 
  During years of drought or very little rain, the big schools see no reason to leave the Pass and continue to hang around for the food buffet the tides deliver well into September. 
   Many may head offshore to spawn for a week or so, but then return to the Pass hungry and ready for a fight as long as the tropical stuff stays away!

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