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Our goal is to provide visitors to Boca Grande with a great outdoor experience. The guides we work with represent the best of the best this area has to offer. Each have their own specialties and style. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will do everything we can to match you with a guide that will make your trip memorable and fun.

(April thru September)

There are basically three ways we fish for Tarpon in our area.

Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing

Half-tide trips (3 hours) and full tide trips (5 hours) are available. The best fishing is often dependant on the tide stage. Morning trips are generally scheduled around sunrise, and evening trips around sunset. Late afternoon trips are often scheduled around the strong tides of the new and full moons known locally as “Hill Tides”.

It is important to follow the guides advice as to departure times to maximize the best fishing opportunities. Times can change daily.

Boca Grande Pass tarpon fishing is generally considered the most consistant trip for experienced and inexperienced anglers to catch a tarpon, and the type of trip that made Boca Grande tarpon fishing famous.

As many as 6 anglers per boat, 4 or less preferred. Conventional tackle, live bait. Almost all boats have bathroom facilities.

Beach/Harbor Tarpon Fishing

Sight casting to roaming schools of fish along the beaches and in the harbor. Guides use live bait and heavy spin casting fishing equipment. Most guides only do full day trips due to the large amount of water often necessary to be covered to find the fish. Some will do split day trips. Some boats can carry four people, two preferred.

Tarpon Fly Fishing

You will be sight casting to roaming schools of fish along the beaches and in the harbor, sometimes near the passes. Two anglers max per boat and they will usually have to alternate their fishing time. Guides mainly do full day trips and some will do split day trips.


Boca Grande Pass Fishing:
Six people maximum, everything included.
1/2 Tide (Three hours) $600
Full Tide (Five Hours) $950

Live Bait Beach/Harbor or Fly Fishing:
Live Bait Trip, 4 people maximum
Fly Fishing Trip, 2 people maximum

1/2 Day (Four hours) $600
Full Day (Eight hours) $950

(*Year Round)

Fish the surrounding waters year-round for Snook, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Yellowtail Jacks, Ladyfish, Pompano, and Flounder. Anglers use light tackle spinning gear or fly fishing equipment among the shallow grass flats and mangrove islands of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

Trip Description: Most anglers choose between Morning or Afternoon 1/2 day trips, (4 hours). Full day trips are available, (6 hours). *Note: The time spent by the guide cast netting live bait is not deducted from your fishing day.

Morning departures leave the Pink Docks at 9am and return at 1pm. Afternoon trips generally depart at 1:30 pm and return at 5:30 pm.  Departure time for full day trips are set individually to take advantage of prime fishing time that day. Most boats have a maximum capacity of two anglers, some can carry as many as 5 anglers. There is an additional fee of $50 per person for more than three anglers.

Backcountry Light Tackle, three people maximum (*$50 per person fee for additional persons).
1/2 Day (Four hours), $500
Full Day (six hours), $750

Backcountry Fly Fishing, two people maximum
1/2 Day (four hours), $500
Full Day (six hours),$750

Targeted Fish: Grouper, Snapper, Permit, Cobia, Amberjack, Kingfish, Spanish Mackeral, and Bonito. Conventional tackle, maximum of 6 anglers. Full or Half day trips. Most boats have bathroom facilities.


Maximum 6 persons. Everything included.

1/2 Day $650
Full Day $950

Note: All fishing charters include ice, quality tackle, and licenses. Clients are responsible for their own beverages and snacks. Gasparilla Outfitters only works with Boca Grande’s most experienced, local and dependable guides to provide you with a great trip!

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